Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top Ten Book Blogs

It's Top Ten Tuesday again! Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, for which I am a writer, it's a time to reflect on favorites and unfavorites (new word). This week: top ten book blogs! (Psst... you should go to The Broke and the Bookish to link back to your own list, using Mr. Linky!)

This is going to be a little difficult, but here I go.

1. what claudia wore: This blog is hilarious. Here, blogger Kim revisits our favorite babysitters and the fashions they wore, with Claudia being the hero of the day.

2. Are you there, youth? It's me, Nikki: Another blog hearkening back to yesteryear. Nikki recaps old series favorites (like BSC and spinoff series California Diaries) and then snarks about it afterward. Posts are long but so worth it.

3. The Broke and the Bookish: You know I had to. Plus this is actually very fun to read; lots of different views and genres here.

4. Good Books & Wine: April gives fantastic reviews (mostly YA, which I love) and manages to do it in her own style without compromising. She's also really funny.

5. A Mug of Moxie: Another great YA review blog. Short reviews that are both engaging and informative. Hooray!

6. Writing From the Tub - My Life as a Writer In Bath: Great reviews and analysis. It's in-depth without being boring.

7. Forever Young Adult: Reviews of YA books for adults, yaayyy!! It's a very clever blog with a really unique way of reviewing titles—rating them as if the reader and the book are in a relationship. Plus, again, it's hilarious.

8. Boston Book Bums: These people are just awesome. Outstanding reviews from all different genres, not to mention they're from my hometown. :) Plus they're awesome to talk to on Twitter!

9. YA Highway: This not only has great reviews, there are posts that make you really think about the book industry and issues that go along with it. Most recent in my mind is the post "Windows and Mirrors: Stories Without Borders" (see here: http://www.yahighway.com/2010/08/windows-and-mirrors-stories-that-cross.html)

10. To Read or Not To Read: I just really like this one. :) The reviews are great and I hear about books I wouldn't otherwise know about.

BONUS: You should all read Dibbly Fresh, which looks back and snarks on all sorts of things from the '90s, including books. Especially the movies in a minute, which are not only hilarious but explore the '90s culture a bit.

Of course there are many more blogs that I love, but I only had room for 10. Do you have any book blogs that you love?

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