Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WINNERS of my super-awesome 100-follower Laurie Halse Anderson giveaway.

Who won my Laurie Halse Anderson 100-follower giveaway? Why, I'll tell you!

Matt of teen librarian and resident of Middlesex, England will be receiving a signed copy of Wintergirls!

And Tressa from Texas will receive a signed copy of Chains!

Woooooo!!!!!! Congratulations you guys!

On a side note, Matt, when I looked up to see where Middlesex was, it made me real nostalgic and all missing-England. Someday I shall return.


  1. OK seriously, these hooray/hoorah pictures you keep finding are amazing. This picture showed up in my feed and I died with laughter.

    & congrats to Matt and Tressa!

  2. I kind of did it for you haha. Glad I can make you laugh! :)

  3. I'm not gonna lie, that picture kind of makes me want to go swimming.

  4. haha YES! I'm glad, keep them coming! :)


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