Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Bookish Websites/Apps

Today's Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by the other blog I write for, The Broke and the Bookish, has to do with top ten bookish websites and apps. As I just got a smart phone the other day, I'm a bit behind on the bookish apps (so I will read all about them in others posts to get ideas, yay!). Most of the following will be websites.

1. The nook app for Android: I did download the nook app on my new Android phone (yay), which is pretty nice. I can read any of my ebooks whenever on my phone now. I think that's pretty cool.

2. GoodReads.com: This website is where I met many of my online bookish buds, including Jamie who leads us Broke and Bookish folk. It's a great social website for book lovers, and a great place to find book recs.

3. Google Reader: I know this isn't totally a website, but I figured this was easier to list than all the blogs I follow. I follow a lot, and this helps me manage them and read them all in one place. (By the way, I love blogs.)

4. My library's website: Any time I want to get a book that I've read about or seen a review for, I check to see if it's in the Minuteman catalog first. It's free to check books out of the library, you know! And it's super quick to request it. Plus no buyer's remorse.

5. Book buying websites: When I know I want to own a book, I go to Amazon first (I get free shipping because I get free prime because I'm a student!). Then I'll check other ones, just in case.

6. YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) website: This is for my library professional development. They have awesome webinars that I can watch after they take place for free, since I'm a member. It also has lots of helpful lists and articles for teen services.

7. Mike the Bookseller webcomic: As an employee of an unnamed major book chain, these comics make me smile. They're pretty awesome.

8. Unshelved webcomic: As a library worker, this comic is fabulous. I love it and it's hilarious and TRUE.

9. Twitter: This is where I get all my news, including most of my bookish news. Twitter is like an appendage for me when I'm online.

Okay, well I didn't quite get to ten, but I'm close. Hop on over to The Broke and the Bookish to weigh in  on your favorites.


  1. I couldn't get to 10 either, but you did much better than me... Congrats on the Android! Personally, I'd go crazy without Google Reader.

  2. Oh I love me some goodreads! And google reader!

  3. This assignment has been very helpful in expanding the websites I will visit. I'm going to take a look at your webcomic recommendations.

  4. I love Google Reader, and I probably use it more than any of the sites I listed! And Unshelved is another good one. Nice list. :-)

  5. Yay, webcomics! I like your list.

  6. Ah, Google Reader! Another great one I forgot! I love being able to pull all of the posts from all the blogs I follow into one place. An amazing time saver.


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