Wednesday, January 11, 2012

John Green came to Boston!

Last night I had the good fortune to attend the John Green event in Wellesley, Massachusetts (okay, so not quite Boston but close enough). I'm so happy I was able to make it, and that there was enough parking, and that we all had a place to sit down and enjoy the Nerfighteria in the auditorium.

When I got there at 5:30, about an hour and a half before the event was supposed to start, the line was already reaching waaayyyy far back. I tried to get a picture but cell phone cameras are not the greatest. Anyway, it was really long. We stood around for about half an hour before the doors opened and they started letting people in. By the way, kudos and thank you to Wellesley Booksmith for organizing this event, and for keeping it so under control. Everything went so smoothly, especially considering the 700 people or so that attended. But then again, those who attended are all Nerdfighters, so I wouldn't have expected a riot or anything. :)

When we finally got in, got our books and wristbands, and found seats, we did some more waiting. But it's okay because we each had at least one book to occupy our time, not to mention the program that was written especially for Boston. (Thanks, John and Hank, for doing that.) Also, there was a crossword puzzle in it! Unfortunately I didn't have a pen or pencil, but that's okay.

And finally, Hanksock the puppet introduced John who took the stage, looking dapper in a suit and reading from his new book, The Fault in Our Stars, for which, of course, he is currently on tour. Hank came out after and played a few songs, and then John came back out, this time in T-shirt and jeans, to answer questions for exactly 7 minutes. He timed it. And told us if he was still answering a question when the buzzer rang he'd get a mild shock, which he wasn't kidding about. Luckily we didn't have to see it!

John Green answering questions and trying not to get shocked. Also, note the puppet stage for Hanksock.
Hank came back out to play some more, and then the two brothers answered questions for exactly 10 minutes. This time someone would have to get electrocuted a bit, because they decided whoever was answering a question when the buzzer rang would be punished. It was Hank (who was answering a question for John, but still).

Also, we got Rickrolled. Not joking.

We were told we'd meet John's wife, but we got Hank dressed like Malibu Barbie singing Rick Astley.
Anyway, there was dancing, singing, excitement and just an all-around sense of belonging and community last night. Then it came time for the signing. Wellesley Booksmith had the brilliant plan of numbering the wristbands we were issued at the beginning and called up people in groups of 25, starting at 34501. I was super lucky and got 34570, so I only had to hang around for an extra half hour, which was just brilliant. :) And I got my books signed! Well, I got Paper Towns and my nook cover signed, and TFiOS personalized. And John Green liked my name! And kept the sticky that had it written on it! Hooray!

Thank you John and Hank for coming to Boston, thank you Wellesley Booksmith for making sure everything went without a hitch and for keeping the signing line organized and manageable, and thank you Nerdfighters everywhere!

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