Friday, March 4, 2011

Villette Readalong: Week 4

I am still struggling to get through this a bit, but I'm getting more interested now that stuff is actually happening. Lucy obviously is starting to like Dr. John/Graham, and is starting to get more involved in her own life. Good for her for sticking up for herself in that art gallery. She can look at whatever she damn well pleases, M. Paul. THAT annoyed me. Who does that guy think he is, her dad? Geez. I guess it's nice that he is concerned for her well-being, but come on.

And FINALLY Dr. John realizes Ginevra is a jerk. Though why Lucy swoops in to defend her like she does I have no idea. I know she feels a loyalty to her and find her a harmless flirt, but man, when someone is hurting about his crush like that, you agree with them. Though I suppose Ginevra is her only friend at Villette, which kind of sucks honestly.

I think my favorite part of this section was when Lucy saw that pink dress. I could just imagine her thinking, "Oh hell no." But I bet it looked great with the black lace overlay.

I'm sort of worried about M. Paul getting upset with Lucy at the concert. He does not seem to be someone Lucy wants to have as an enemy, and he seemed genuinely upset at her trying to avoid him. I think he's overreacting honestly, but still, he's going to treat her differently from now on.

One thing that's really annoying me is Lucy's constant interjections from her present-day self like "THAT WAS WHEN I WAS HAPPY" and whatnot. Obviously she's not happy anymore; that's something I would like to see through foreshadow, not "hintity hint hint" from old lady Lucy.

Anyway, on to the next five chapters. I could use some real crazy crap going on in here.


  1. Ah...the pink dress. I laughed when I read Lucy's reaction because I would have had the same exact one. Such a similar thought that I needed to remind myself that I was not reading a contemporary book. I actual went to look for the copyright. ha.

    I think M.Paul may actually have an interest in Lucy thus his reactions.

    Yes, the "That Was When I Was Happy" has me worried about what is to come.

  2. This isn't my normal cup of tea, so I'm interested in hearing all your thoughts on it! It sounds interesting (now that things are happening, of course) haha :)

  3. I concur.. some crazy crap is about to go down.

    At first I felt the same way about M. Paul's reaction, but then I started wondering -- is it possible that this is a Mr. Darcy/ Elizabeth Bennet situation? Are we going to find out that M.Paul's reaction had more to do with something he knows/feels towards Dr. John than actual anger at Lucy? I think something is going to be revealed there. Also, I'm not sure the story will end the way we think it is. I can't imagine Bronte would give it all away by telling us the ending through Old Lucy. I wonder if something happens AFTER we get to the present?

  4. I'm starting to think that M. Paul is behaving that way out of respect, like he knows no other way to show his regard. I'm stilled worried about Dr. John vis-a-vis Ginevera. He knows she's a jerk, but does he really KNOW she's a jerk?

  5. I wonder if M. Paul's sometimes rude and obnoxious, controlling behavior towards Lucy is fueled by good old jealousy. Right now, that's my bet. And agree with everyone - Dr. John's infatuation with Ginevra shows what kind of guy he is; one that is not good enough for our Lucy.

    Classic case of a character wanting something that is not good for them - while typing this I realize this applies to both Lucy and Dr. John.


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