Sunday, April 10, 2011

National Library Week!

Hooray for libraries! Free access for all!

So today kicks off National Library Week, which provides us all with a chance to take a moment and think about how awesome libraries are. I mean, free book rentals! It's like Netflix, but for books and free. And okay, you have to go pick them up. But still. FREE.

Not to mention all the things libraries provide for the community. Internet access for those who don't have computers, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, magazines, a place to go to just sit and read for hours. Databases, if you're a student or a researcher. Historical documents if you live in a town with the means to keep them. A meeting place for clubs, groups and just a few friends who like to quilt and chat (yes, we have that group in Lexington). They're community centers and champions of the right of each individual to have free access to materials they might not be able to otherwise.

Right now I'm reading a lovely book about librarians and libraries, and how now more than ever we are needed in this Google-crazed world. It's called This Book Is Overdue! and it's by Marilyn Johnson, who, by the way, is not a librarian. And just look at this picture!

Superlibrarian to the rescue!

Anyway, I just wanted to bring attention to the fact that this is being celebrated this week. For a much better and funnier post about National Library Week and some cool facts about libraries check out my friend Nicole's post over at her blog, The Librarian in the Cupboard.

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