Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rock the Drop!

So, remember how I told you about National Library Week? Well, YA lovers, rejoice, because Thursday, April 14 is Support Teen Lit Day! And the awesome readergirlz are hosting Rock the Drop, an initiative designed to help readers of teen lit spread the love.

Basically, on April 14, the idea is to take any YA book, put one of the nifty bookplates (available for download at the readergirlz site, linked above) inside, and let it loose into the wild. Leave it on a bench, at the mall, wherever, and hope whoever finds it will love and appreciate it as much as you. They're also encouraging everyone who does this to take a photo and send it to them (e-mail available on their post).

Oh, and did I mention that people who send in a picture will be entered into a drawing for the entire Ruby Oliver series by E. Lockhart? If that's not incentive, I don't know what is.

Spread the love, people!

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