Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hocus Pocus is the greatest Halloween movie in existence.

Title: Hocus Pocus
Release year: 1993
Production company: Walt Disney Pictures

That is not an exaggeration, folks. I mean it. At least it is my very favorite movie for the season, along with the Halloweenie episode of Pete & Pete (which I also own on DVD). I may have blogged about this last year, but I don't remember and honestly I don't care.

There is nothing like some good old-fashioned nostalgia in the form of classic movies from my childhood. Bette Midler is priceless, what with her fabulous rendition of "I Put a Spell On You," backup vocals provided by Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, and her overall wackiness.

Honorable mention goes to SJP, by the way, for being the most sexy she's ever been and ever will be in this movie. It never happened again. Then again, she was next to Better Midler and Kathy Najimy, and had the best hair.

I'm also going to take a few lines to say Salem is not like that AT ALL. It's not nearly so cute and New England-y, since there are SO MANY college students around. It's got a more urban feel. The police cars do all have witches on the sides of them, though. I'm not kidding.

Some say this movie is not good if you didn't see it when you were little. I highly disagree. And I hope you do too.

There are so many great '90s references too. If anyone is interested, check out my tweets from watching this tonight. My twitter handle is @Tahleen.


  1. I highly disagree with those who say that it's not enjoyable if you hadn't seen it as a kid! This movie is the best (along with Halloweentown and Beetlejuice). Must be something about the '90s--they had THE best Halloween movies!

  2. They DID. I'm so happy you like it! Also, I'm thinking about tweeting about Beetlejuice when it's on Friday.

  3. Ahhh I love this movie! I haven't seen it in so long!

  4. Yes!!! This movie is full of awesomeness. I'm sad to hear that Salem isn't really all cutesy like that, cause I was totally hoping that it was.

  5. Oh don't worry, Sarah, there are plenty of towns that ARE like that. Just not this one. :)

  6. It is. You are right. Love this movie. I'll have to get a hold of this soon. The other one I always watch is Practical Magic. It's time to get on this--Halloween is almost here. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. I look forward to watching this movie all year. The only thing that comes close to second is The Nighmare Before Christmas. I can quote so much of Hocus Pocus though, it's a little sad.

  8. I will love Hocus Pocus forever and ever amen.

  9. Yes! I am so glad everyone appreciates this movie as the masterpiece it is.


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