Thursday, February 17, 2011

Villette Readalong: Week 2

Just to warn you all, if you haven't read through the first 10 chapters of Villette, there might be some minor spoilers following. But nothing too revealing.

All right, so Lucy is proving herself to be pretty awesome by week two. She's begun her journey sans any sort of plan or funding besides her original 15 pounds and has somehow managed to land a teaching job after a few bumps along the way. Sweet stuff.

Let's take a look at the new characters we've come across, shall we? I kind of like Ginevra, despite her complete flakiness and selfishness. Not sure why. I mean, I don't love her and wouldn't want to hang out with her or anything, but I would rather be her superficial friend than someone she targets. I could live with having her as my gossip buddy that I can't trust (we've all had those, amiright?). And Madame Beck is... interesting. Another one I'd keep on my good side. I love how Lucy manages to admire pretty much everyone and know how to work with them, instead of thinking she's better or too good for someone. Even if the person is kind of weird or not someone very likable. Because personally, I don't like Madame Beck, but from Lucy's perspective I can see how she doesn't mind her so much.

Lucy has shown again and again that she can totally take care of herself without too many hitches. She's seen some luck so far, but I think her survival is mostly because of her quick thinking and management of all the resources she's got. Props to her.

And honestly? I think we all know who this Dr. John is. I'm fully expecting my suspicions to be confirmed in the next chapters. Onward!


  1. While Ginerva annoys me there is something amusing about her. I think she'd be one of those people I'd love to hate. And "interesting" is a good word for Madame Beck. "Crazy" would be another :)

    If John is Ginerva's mystery man I'm going to be so annoyed. Actually, I think I already am, but still. He needs better taste...namely Lucy!

  2. I like that Dr. John is not revealed quite yet. I like the mystery, but I'd like to see where this goes. I'm wondering more about the catholic vs. protestant angle...why is this difference repeated so often.

    Here's my post:

  3. Ginevra is a friend you can have a fun time with but not trust :P
    I am intrigued by Madame Beck! She seems to be quite a contrasting character, being generous to society as a whole, but unkind to people in particular!

  4. I cannot figure out what to think of Madame Beck. One second she seems smart and savvy and the next creepy. I don't know who Dr. John is! I kind of remember the introduction saying something about him, but am I the last to know... other than guessing what role he will play in Lucy's life?


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