Thursday, February 24, 2011

Villette Readalong: Week 3

Whew! JUST finished the part assigned for week 3, and all I have to say is I KNEW IT I TOTALLY CALLED THAT IN YOUR FACE.

**WARNING: Spoilers for Villette up to chapter 18 follow.**

Holy crap I TOTALLY called Dr. John being Graham. I super excited that I was totally right. The hair! The name! As to how it all played out, well, I'm glad Lucy FINALLY had a reason to say something to him. Honestly though, how could he have not recognized her? For real. She spent large amounts of time at his house. I know he was all preoccupied with Ginevra being a huge bee-yotch, but come on now. I'd have been upset if he hadn't recognized me too, which is (I'm guessing) the reason Lucy didn't say a damn word. Kids!

And how completely bizarre must it have been for Lucy to wake up with so many familiar objects around her like that? It's like when you wake up and you can't remember where you are, but times 10. She thought she was crazy, she said so herself. I'd have freaked.


As for everything else going on, I'm wanting some more action. I'm starting to lose a little interest in the characters, though the last couple chapters got me into it a little more. Lucy is clearly grappling with the tragedies of her past, and I'm hoping we get to see what that's all about. I want to know what happened.


  1. Also think it's a bit of a stretch that he didn't recognized her! Why did you figure it out thought the name? Didn't catch that one.

    What did you think was the sin that got her confessor all worked out?

  2. When she mentioned that instance with the hair and she was staring at him, I went back to see what Graham's name was because I remember it being something else. It said his name was John so I made the connection that way.

  3. Good for you - I was totally surprised. Agree - a bit far fetched that he did not recognize her...I don't think people change appearances that much in what, ten years? (14 to 24 years?)

    I want to know about her past and wish she would reveal more. Maybe in this week's reading....

  4. Good for you to have called him! I suspected but only because I had read the Introduction to the book and she hints at that. So, basically because I was told to watch out for that.

    I agree with Alex... such a stretch that HE didn't recognize HER!


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