Friday, May 6, 2011

TGIF: Book Blogger Identity

Today is Friday, and thank goodness. Every week Ginger at GReads! hosts TGIF, with a question about books, blogging or whatever. This week's question:

Book Blogger Identity: What occupies your time when you are not reading/blogging?

I have a lot that I do in my non-blogging/non-reading moments. I'm studying to be a children's/YA librarian at Simmons College (yesterday was my last day of the semester, woohoo!), and I work at a public library in my area. I also work VERY part-time at Barnes & Noble, mostly for the discount (not gonna lie).

I am a singer too. I sing in a small Armenian chorus (there are currently 9 of us) and in my church choir.

Let's see, what else? I hang out with friends and my fiance quite a bit, when time permits. I'm also the assistant troop leader of a middle school Girl Scout troop. (Side note: We are going camping this weekend, so I will not have access to the Internet. Sad.)

Oh yeah, I'll also be planning my wedding in the next year or so. That I'm guessing will take up a big chunk of my time.

So what do you do in your non-bloggy/booky time? Link up at GReads!


  1. Wow you're one busy lady! And totally jealous of your bookstore job - I would love to just work like 4 hours a week or so in a bookstore. It'd be a mini-heaven.

  2. Fantastic to get to know you a bit better Tahleen!


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