Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Challenge! And question.

I have decided to take part in The Broke and the Bookish's Nonfiction Challenge, hooray! I need to read more nonfiction, especially since I have so many that I own that I've been MEANING to read but just haven't gotten around to yet. Here are the categories:


I think I can handle this. I'm going for Future Jeopardy Champion, with 7-9 titles. I think the only ones I might not hit are medical and money. The others I like to read anyway. Here we go!

I also have a question for you all. I'm looking for opinions. I am considering getting rid of my ratings, as I get frustrated in having to assign stars to books, but I'm not sure about it. There was a lot of discussion going on this past weekend over at The Perpetual Page-Turner about it and it made me revisit this issue in regards to my own blog. I'm leaning toward getting rid of them (including from all of my old reviews). What do you all think?


  1. Good luck with this challenge! I was tempted to sign up but I'm already in two others and I didn't want to overwhelm myself and feel like everything I read throughout the year was for a challenge. But the non-fiction challenge is great.

    Also, about the ratings. I participated in Jamie's discussion and was against them. I'd rather read why a reader did/didn't like a book: whether or not they connected with the characters or felt the themes were especially relevant. This isn't to say I don't read the reviews of readers who rate their books, I just don't pay attention to the ratings. I also find that bloggers who don't rate reviews almost give better ones. Maybe because they rely less on a rating system and more on what they say about the book.

  2. I don't rate on my blog but I do on goodreads. I found that I wasn't very consistent with my ratings. I would look back at a book months later and think "Why did I rate it that?!?" but my review would remain the same. Whether or not a blog has a rating system doesn't affect my reading of it. It's just not something I do.

  3. Are the categories for adult or YA books? I've got a Money book suggestion for you, if you want it...

  4. Amy, I'll take it! What is it? And it can be either YA or adult.


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