Friday, January 14, 2011

Woman in White Readalong: Post #1 (Halfway!)

The Woman In White Readalong: Halfway Point

Hooray, I've made it halfway through this novel! I am quite liking it so far, though I'm waiting for the real action to begin again. I was riveted by Anne Catherick's encounters with our narrators, though I am sorry that there haven't been more.

I like most of the characters, especially Marian Halcombe, who is a strong and worthy opponent to all the evil men she finds herself around. Plus she's one smart cookie. Walter Hartright is a nice man too, though he is pretty sexist (as I think Collins was, if this text is to give any clue). I liked reading his narrative, as he seems to be the most proactive of the bunch of "good guys," being the only young man of the group—Marian can only do so much, as a woman. The biggest annoyance I had was Hartright's 2-page(ish) description of Laura's loveliness. SNORE. I get it, she's pretty and you pretty much love her. MOVING ON.

I don't particularly care for Laura, unfortunately, as most of the story revolves around her situation. She's pretty weak and not very intelligent, but I suppose I should give her a little slack since she can't be expected to be able to stand up for herself very well (the times, you know). I just wish she had more of a backbone. Her husband, Sir Percival, is a terrible bully and abusive, which disturbs me. I'm hoping he will get what he deserves, but we shall see I suppose. He's truly awful.

And Count Fosco? Super creepy. He seems to be a genius, knowing exactly how to appeal to everyone and getting them in his grasp. He is a master manipulator, holding all the cards, and he knows it.

All in all, I'm eagerly looking forward to where this is going. I hope to see more of Hartright, and I can't wait for the real action to start. I want to know what Sir Percival's secret is, and what will become of everyone, especially Anne Catherick, the woman in white.


  1. Yeah, Fosco is a creeper for sure.

    Oh, you shall get to WTFery soon, and it IS AWESOME.

  2. It really picks up in the second half, so much so that I want to keep reading and not put it down.

    I didn't care much for Laura at first either, but she's growing on me now. Marian is much more my style, and I love her attitude and confidence, especially because she is so hideous, as Hartwright kept saying.

    Thank you for participating!

  3. I really don't care for Laura either and I don't see that changing in the future but I enjoy Marion lots and since she has narrated the majority so far I've been happy in that regard. Really excited to dig into the second half.

  4. It does seem that Hartwright loves Laura simply because she's pretty and boring. And I can't help but be troubled that in Collins' world women can only be interesting if they're ugly and unlikely to ever marry. *sigh* Still enjoying the book though!


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