Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Secret Santa Awesomeness!

Oh man, I'm posting so much I bet you guys don't know WHAT to think. Three posts in two days??? What has come over me!

I am just so excited about my Secret Santa awesomeness that I simply must share it with you all. Some of you may know I took part in two separate Secret Santas in the bookish community this year—the one hosted by the College Students! group on GoodReads, of which I've been a member for more than 2 years (whoa, crazy) and the one hosted by the other blog I collaborate on, The Broke and the Bookish.

The other day I got an excellent present from my GR Secret Santa, of whom I know the identity but will not mention here because we are trying to keep it a secret in the group until just around Christmas (I think). But I am incredibly grateful, because not only did I get two awesome books:

I also got this fantastic card that was also my hint:

I am super excited to read both of these books!

Okay, so today I got my other package, which was a real boon because I needed some cheering up as I recently lost my phone and finally forked out the cash to get a new one on eBay this morning. So I was excited to see that the mailman left this on my doorstep.

Yay! It was from Em of Love YA Lit! What could possibly be in this wonderful package?

Why, all of this!!

A mix tape, based on my love for Ingrid Michaelson!

Doggie treats for Lucy! :)
Okay, this one was in a package first, but I took it out. It is flower tea!
And finally, the best part of all, this!

It was wrapped, but I destroyed that wrapping paper in my eagerness.
Yaayyy!! I really didn't think I would get this one, even though I secretly hoped I would. Thanks Em!


And because I know you want to know, here is what the flower tea looked like while it was blooming.

Dropping it in the hot water.

It's starting to bloom!

Almost complete...

Yay! A flower! That is tea!
Happy holidays everyone! I hope those of you who took part in Secret Santas made out as well as I did.


  1. YAY! Your Secret Santa's did a great job!! I can't wait to get mine!! :)

  2. For reals! I am so excited about my SIGNED copy of Dash and Lily.

  3. Glad you liked it! Flower tea is so funny - so fun to watch but kind of creepy looking in the end.

  4. Hooray! I'm glad you like your gifts!



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